I’ve already written up a tutorial for this assignment, so that post will speak more to my technical process of creation. I want to write about my creative process in this segment!

So, I saw this sort-of accent challenge in the Bank after looking for a decent one-to-one-and-a-half star challenge, and I was immediately inspired. Memories of more intense accent challenges on YouTube that completely blew my mind prompted me to pull out my love of languages and give this assignment a shot.

I debated for a couple of minutes about which accent to use: my English accents that I’ve been working on thanks to One Direction (don’t laugh) or Italian or French that I’ve heard all my life thanks to my grandparents?

Then, it hit me. I speak Spanish–at least semi-fluently. I love the language and have been studying it for nine years, and my accent is fairly good. I figured why not step up the challenge a notch and order in Spanish as well as a Spanish accent?

I wanted the encounter to be as organic as possible, so I just decided what I wanted to order before hand and then recorded the audio on Garageband. I inserted pauses and vocal fillers–ones I picked up from my Spanish professors through the years–to increase the authenticity and was as careful as possible with my pronunciation. Aside from one or two stumbles and I think one grammatical mistake, my drive-thru order turned out decent!

If you’re wondering, I’m ordering a Big Mac (there’s not a Spanish word for this, I don’t think!), a large fry, and two milkshakes: strawberry and chocolate. Yum.