Again, I like to sprinkle my assignment posts with details about my likes and dislikes, and one of my biggest likes EVER is The X-Files.

I first watched the X-Files when I was fourteen and home sick from school, and from then on, I was hooked to the mystery, the spookiness, the science, and the subtle but oh-so-fulfilling romance. Dana Scully is still one of my heroines today with her beauty and brains.

Therefore, when I had to choose a character for whom to create a Pinterest board, I knew I wanted it to be Scully!

One of my favorite things about Scully’s character is her depth. There are so many layers to her personality. On the surface, she’s a brilliant scientist dedicated to rationality and logic, but as the series progresses, you find that she is far more troubled by emotions, rash decisions, and doubts than originally expected. As her character grows and becomes more open-minded and comfortable with those closest to her–Mulder in particular–her layers are peeled back bit-by-bit!

By revealing her flaws and fears to the audience, I connected with Dana Scully and loved her more than ever. As someone who loves science herself and tries to be as Spock/Vulcan-like as possible in moments of extreme tension or trouble, watching one of my heroines become more vulnerable helped encourage me to become less guarded and uptight, as well.

This Pinterest board–for her eyes only and for those times when she just “needs a boost”–represents that softer, more human side of the character.

Now, I will take you through the pics one-by-one and explain each one’s significance to Dr. Scully!


SECRET board. Who knows what Mulder would pin if he got a hold of her password?

scully pinterest 1

Scully Pinterest Part 1



Scully’s Pinterest Part 2

Moving from top left to right and starting with Part 1…(All captions/comments beneath the pins are written by me pretending to be/think like Scully!)


1) In Season 3, Episode 12, “War of the Coprophages,” while Mulder is off investigating killer cockroaches and flirting with entomologists named Bambi (this is not a joke, seriously), Scully is seen relaxing in her living room reading Capote’s Breakfast at Tiffanys. Therefore, she’d totally re-pin a pic of Audrey Hepburn in the classic role, because she’s totally a fan.

Nice to see her RELAXING for once.

2) Scully’s a doctor, so she’s probably into healthy eating. She also likes sweets, as seen again in the above episode when she’s eating ice cream out of a carton (see why I love her?):

My heroine.

Sweets + healthy eating = frozen yogurt covered blueberries!

3 + 6) SPOILER ALERT: Mulder and Scully end up in a monogamous relationship together after years of battling horrifying creatures, government baddies, and aliens.

She would totally think of clever alien cakes and homemade gifts like the alien abduction lamp for his birthday!

4) She has gorgeous red hair and would totally read beauty tips for said color. (Red is not actually the actress, Gillian Anderson’s, natural hair color. Someone told her to dye it red after she got the role of Scully.)

5) Even when not sporting professional pantsuits and skirts as a F.B.I. Special Agent, Scully’s style is still classic and has a lot of blues and neutral colors. Therefore, she’d totally admire the pinned, navy blue, winter jacket.

6) See #3!

7) It’s made clear that Scully is particularly close with her father, who was in the navy. Therefore, I’m sure she’s been instilled with a love of the sea and would re-pin this gorgeous shot of the beach & sea shells.

8) Scully likes wine and totally collects sangria recipes.

9) Again, she has an attachment to the ocean because of her navy father and is drawn to lots of nautical shots!

10 + 11) Attending the University of Maryland, Scully majored in Physics and wrote her undergraduate thesis titled Einstein’s Twin Paradox: A New Interpretation. She would totally dig science nerd/physics humor and Einstein’s genius goofiness.

12) Mulder had this poster in his office. You can clearly see it here:

I’m sure seeing the print online would bring back some memories–both good and bad.

13) Scully enjoys taking bubble baths to relax.

This is also one of my favorite screen caps from The X-Files EVER. The third person in the bottom split-screen is their boss and the assistant director of the F.B.I., if you didn’t know. From one of the funniest episodes ever: “Hollywood A.D.,” written by Duchovny himself.

14 + 15 + 20) Again, as a doctor, Scully values logic and reasoning and would re-pin quotes reflecting this belief. Also, doctor jokes and cool pictures of heart anatomy, yay!

16) “You drive me nuts, but I love you, anyway.” How well does that fit Scully’s relationship with a certain someone?

17) Along with her sharp sense of clothing style, she also has cute hair styles, too!

18) More navy/family love.

19) While she also loves science, Scully’s Catholic faith is a huge part of her character and helps her get through some very rough health problems in mid-to-later seasons. She’s all about faith, and the show overall has a theme of faith: in each other, in trust, in the unseen, in logic, all depending on the situation.

20) See #14

21) To exercise, Scully runs and would absolutely re-pin inspirational running quotes! You find this out thanks to a killer stalker that is introduced in Season 6, so it’s an unfortunate way of discovering a character detail, but this is how she stays fit!

And that’s my version of Dr. Scully’s Pinterest! I just made a Pinterest account with a junk e-mail and deleted it after I was done searching, captioning, and screen capturing appropriate pins. Hope you enjoyed!


All screencaps from this great site!