Oh, wow, this project was easily the hardest of the assigned. Mozilla has some excellent tools to introduce novices to the world of coding and digital creation, but the platforms can be tricky and a bit buggy depending on the computer you’re using.

While I was re-mixing Alan’s vacation on the Mozilla Popcorn interface, the program would often freeze, and I couldn’t carry on editing (this happened to me in X-Ray Goggles, as well, in the above link when I was re-writing the app review). I’d have to re-load the media for the section I was working on into the platform, or–worse–I’d have to re-load the page and start all over (thankfully, this only happened once)! I also didn’t realize until halfway through the assignment that you could directly access Wikipedia and Google Maps through the side panel rather than having to constantly paste a link into the “Get Media!” search bar. This realization arriving sooner could have saved me a lot of needless, careful screen-capping and tinypic uploading for direct URLs!

All of this frustration elongated the whole ordeal about an hour, and I took a much needed break mid-assignment to watch The Giver with my family. Side note: I’ve never read the book (horrible, I know, because so many people consider it a classic!), but the movie was quite well acted and emotionally moving! I recommend it!

Despite the less-than-smooth process, I had fun picking material to add into the video! Here’s a run-down of the most memorable additions and my reasoning behind their choices:




You may have seen this .gif floating around the Internet, especially if you follow memes like I do. I picked up the habit in high school thanks to I Can Haz a Cheeseburger?, and as they say, old habits die hard. Though, I keep track of memes via Tumblr now more than other websites.

Poor thing.

Anyway, however I found this, and regardless of whether or not this is your first time seeing this, I do not know why that poor corgi hates cabbage so much. As soon as Alan said his student posted a “crazy” example, my mind immediately flashed to this .gif, because look at that unexplained fury. What did the cabbage do to the dog? What kind of monster does the dog think that cabbage is?!

This is what noobtheloser on Tumblr seems to think happened, but if you stumble upon the truth of this corgi’s fury in the vast expanse of the Internet, PLEASE let me know. I’m genuinely curious.

After perusing some of the YouTube comments and translating Japanese as best I can via Google, it seems that some dogs just act extremely possessive over food and get angry when pulled away from said food, so, basically, that dog seriously loves that vegetable.




Is Madagascar 3 (2012) old enough to qualify for “old school?” Oh well–I’m using it regardless! I didn’t want to choose a musical artist whose value and talent could be contested (The Police? The Ramones? SO MANY CHOICES AND DIFFERENT MUSIC TASTES TO CONSIDER), and I didn’t want to inadvertently insult Alan by implying he would have certain artists in his collection versus others, so I just chose another favorite meme of mine: “Polka Dot Afro Circus” from the movie Madagascar 3.

The song is silly, fun, annoying, and ridiculously catchy, and best of all, no one–hopefully–will argue about whether it’s good or not! They’ll just watch my remix of the video and either chuckle or go crazy as the SoundCloud club remix of the song plays in the background.


Since Neverland (see the opening pop-up text!) isn’t a feasible vacation location option, I decided to go the total opposite of the mythical land: super simple and close to home. The U.S.A. is known for interesting Midwest spots claiming to have the largest/tallest/etc. of this-or-that, and I always remember one particular item I read about: the largest ball of twine. I remember being fascinated at the thought of what that must look like, so the thing has always stuck in my brain. Therefore, I did a quick Google search and discovered its location is Cawker City, Kansas, and its OFFICIAL title is “the largest community-rolled ball of twine.”

The video at the end of the remixed movie by Bill Cash on YouTube says the ball “smells funny,” but, hey, it’s still kinda cool looking, right?


I personally am more of a Star Trek fan rather than Star Wars, but I’m well aware of how intense the fans of Star Wars–heck, both Star franchises–are! The Darth Vader costume from the original film apparently grabbed more than 250,000 dollars at auction! If Alan found the right buyer and right Star Wars item, he could make some nice money to fund his trip to Cawker City.

I thought that I would first search novelty figurines, because those collectors are intense.

Largest Dr. Who Dalek collection. Whoa.

After searching through Star Wars novelty items, however, I stumbled upon this wonderful R2D2 phone. It seems to fetch a couple of hundred dollars, and that could buy at least a few tanks of gas for the trip to Kansas!


I tried to think of something funny that a person could bring on vacation–especially vacationing to a sleepy, Midwestern town–and decided on an autograph book. After all, you never know who you might meet while traveling, right? Never mind the extra weight or space!

After looking through some Google Images of autograph books (most of them were more than a century old or Disney-fied), I was displeased with the variety of aesthetic choices. Then, after Googling something along the lines of “autograph book unique,” this gem popped up.

Apparently, it’s a Star Trek: Original Series personalized bag and autograph book for/from Comic-Con. Uhm, how awesome is that? Not only will Alan have the opportunity to grab celebrities’ signatures, but he will do so with Captain Kirk and Spock!

I’d rock these accessories.

To end, I found the aforementioned video of Bill visiting the Ball of Twine and used it to represent Alan’s experience. While not grand or exotic, Cawker City, Kansas could at least be relaxing, and that’s the point of a vacation, after all!

Hashtag #vacay2k14 it up, Alan.

Thanks for making such a great start/template video, too!