"Our deepest fear is not that we are inadequate. Our deepest fear is that we are powerful beyond measure."


September 2014

Week Cinco, Cinq, Fünf, etc!

Hello all! Hope you’ve had a good week despite the on-and-off weather we’ve been having. C’mon, September–make up your mind. Is it going to be rainy and cold or warm and pleasant? I learned a lot this week, and I… Continue Reading →

pumpkins, pooh bear, photoshop.

My three visual assignments this week took me a LONG time, but they were so worth it! I’m very happy with the results. Image with a Message 1 star I have always had a love for quotes. Maybe it’s my… Continue Reading →

best of (so far)…

I’ll keep this post short, simple, and sweet: I chose these pictures–a mix of ds106photoblitz and Daily Creates–to start my “Best Of…” gallery, because they illustrate my old soul. From the painted, antique-looking bird figurine that decorates my room and… Continue Reading →

(photo)blitzkrieg bop.

The photoblitz project–while fun–was challenging. I’m a perfectionist, and I tend to over think assignments. These traits translate to walking around campus longer than 20 minutes trying to find a perfect setting or subject, which, as any artist knows, is… Continue Reading →

Practice makes (photographs) perfect!

I must admit–I’ve always felt a bit intimidated by trained or professional photographers. I’ve dabbled in the art, sure–both analog and digital forms in high school, which I enjoyed immensely once I learned to stop being afraid of the dark… Continue Reading →

Happy Almost Autumn (or, Week 4)!

This week’s summary is coming to you from a prewritten word processing document! WordPress seems to be having some tech troubles, and while the wonderful, computer-oriented crew of ds106 takes a peek into the inner workings of the app, I… Continue Reading →

“Not enough is said about the importance of abandoning crap.”

The title quote of this post–and the linked-to-moment in the embedded YouTube video–made me both laugh out loud and feel a rush of relief. As a perfectionist, to hear a professional artist who obviously has the same worth ethic and… Continue Reading →

Week 3 and Pumpkin Pie.

Hello all! This week’s assignments were actually quite fun despite my sickness. Yup, as you can see from my third Daily Create assignment, I have been unwell. Here’s the short story: Wednesday of this past week, I began to feel… Continue Reading →

in[SPIRE] and appreciate “big damn heroes.”

Much like the person who suggested this piece be added to the in[SPIRE] site, I was first attracted to the use of warm colors, bold text, and minimalist graphics–a favorite aesthetic of mine in digital art and what I would… Continue Reading →

Storytelling, Digital Storytelling, and Everything In-Between!

Since I have an inclination toward folklore (see: my Dracula post) and am a communication major, I define storytelling as sharing and teaching cultural values, norms, and beliefs in a creative fashion. I picture generations of tribes or villages gathered… Continue Reading →

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